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what does no strings attached mean

Some people are curious to know what no strings attached mean in a relationship while some who are already in such a relationship are asking “can no strings attached turn into a relationship”?

Furthermore, people who are in such a toxic relationship are looking for how to get out of a no strings attached relationship.

Not to worry, this article will bring you up to speed on what no strings attached exactly means, if no strings attached relationship can actually work, the difference between no strings attached and friends with benefits, and how to get out of such a relationship.

Without delay, let’s explore the meaning and everything you need to know about no strings attached relationships.

What Does No Strings Attached Mean?

As we have different types of love, so also do we have different types of relationships and no strings attached happens to be one of the types of relationships we have.

Basically, no strings attached relationship means a form of friendship between two partners of the opposite sex where sexual exploration is the sole aim of such a relationship without commitment.

In order words no strings attached means a form of platonic relationship between a male and a female in which on a mutual basis, both partners have agreed to only engage in sexual activities without any romance or commitment involved.

No strings attached relationships can also be regarded as friends with benefits types of relationship.

People who prefer no strings attached relationships are those who are not ready to commit their time, energy, resources, emotions, and so on to any relationship but are only interested in engaging in sexual activities.

What’s The Difference Between No Strings Attached And Friends With Benefits

No strings attached relationships or friendship is a synonym of friends with benefits.

Therefore, there’s no difference between no strings attached and friends with benefits type of friendship.

Can No Strings Attached Turn Into A Relationship?

Yes! you can turn no strings attached friendship into a serious relationship.

If you find yourself in a no strings attached kind of relationship and you wish to turn it into a serious relationship.

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It’s still very much possible to turn in it into a serious relationship if you’re ready to put in the work and give it time.

But turning this type of relationship into a serious relationship could be very daunting but not impossible.

It requires serious mental and emotional work for you to first accept the reality that you’re gradually falling in love with your partner and secondly, it requires serious boldness and courage to open up to your partner.

Signs He Or She Wants A No Strings Attached Relationship?

While men are notorious for taking the lead role in no strings attached relationships, ladies are not also not left behind in spearheading such types of relationships.

There’re some subtle signs that show’s that someone is only interested in no strings attached friendship.

Below are the signs that he or she’s interested in a no Strings attached relationship:

1. He or She Only Invites You To His Or Her House.

If he or she only invites you to his or her apartment for hangouts, dates, it connotes that she has a level of trust in you and it’s also a sign that he or she wants a more private place where you both could spend some good private time together and perhaps explore good sex.

2. He Or She Always Bring Up Sexual Topics In Your Discussions

If they always engage you in sexual and intimate talks such as their sexual fantasies, that means she’s curious to know how sexually active you’re and how good you could possibly be in the bedroom.

3. He Or She Avoids Been Seen Together With You In Public

When someone wants a serious relationship with you, they would be proud to show you off to his friends and the world; they would always want to have a walk with you in the public holding hands together and have all sorts of public displays of love and affection.

But the reverse is the case if your partner wants a no strings attached relationship.

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4. Your Growth Doesn’t Matter To Them

Someone who has intentions of going into a no strings attached relationship with you wouldn’t be bordered with your growth because, within them, they already know that they wouldn’t settle with you for something serious.

They would neither bring up topics that are geared towards your development as a person nor contribute meaningfully when you bring up such topics in your discussions.

5. They’re Keen About Your Physical Looks

Before someone makes advances with no strings attached towards you, he or she must have seen some sexually attractive features like your shape, boobs, ass, or any other part of your body which attracted him or her to you.

To that effect, such a person would only channel all your discussions, chats, flirts, and jokes towards your physical features hence paying zero attention to other qualities of yours.

6. They Are Touchy

This is one of the traits of someone who came for a no strings attached relationship.

Whenever you’re with such a person, they will always try to make body contact with you in an awkward manner and places that are likely to put you in a sexual mood.

How To End A No Strings Attached Relationship

Even though there’s zero emotions and commitment attached to a no strings attached relationship, it’s unarguably not as easy as it may sound to end such a relationship especially if the relationship has lasted for a considerable length of time.

What does no strings attached mean

In this light, it may be a bit hard to end this type of relationship because the healing process would be identical to that of healing from a broken relationship.

Step 1: Your Happiness Should Be Your Priority

Always remember to put yourself first in everything you do.

Anytime you start considering a no strings attached friendship with your partner toxic and detrimental to your physical, emotional, and mental health, do not hesitate to walk away.

Step 2: You Owe Your Partner Nothing

Zero commitment is the number one rule of engagement in a no strings attached relationship.

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Therefore, you’re at liberty to leave the relationship anytime, any day whenever you decide to settle for a serious relationship with someone else without having to give him or her any explanation for your actions.

Furthermore, there’s no room for jealousy in such a relationship, thus your partner has no right to feel jealous if you leave him or her for someone else.

Step 3: Discuss With Your Partner

Already, you and your partner are aware that this type of relationship is only for momentary pleasure, therefore it shouldn’t come as a shocker when either of you decides to walk out of such a relationship.

When you’ve decided and are ready to quit the relationship, the best diplomatic approach to use is to call your partner for a peaceful discussion.

Let them know that you enjoyed and had great fun during the time you shared together but have decided to move on with your life.

Step 4: Inform Other Person’s You Trust

People react differently to situations.

While some will accept it in good fate, some might get violent when they notice that you want to walk out of the relationship.

Therefore, it is imperative you inform a few of your trusted close friends, family member or relevant security agency of your imminent actions should the unexpected happen

Step 5: Consult A Councilor

Ending a no strings attached relationship may not be easy as it may sound or look.

The fact that there’s no commitment in such a relationship still doesn’t negate the fact that there would definitely be some emotional, physical, and mental challenges you must face and have to address before ending a no string attached relationship.

At this juncture, the services of a relationship therapist would be of great help in getting out of a relationship.


What does no string attached mean?

If you read up to this point, you must have known the meaning of a no string attached relationship, if  this type of friendship can turn into a serious relationship, the signs and how to end a no strings attached relationship

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