Updated List of Richest Kids In Nigeria

Richest kids in Nigeria

If you have been looking for an updated list of the top 10 richest Kids in Nigeria, I advise you to look for a chilled glass of water and relax as we take you on this ride of the richest kids in Nigeria.

There’s one spectacular and common feature amongst these top richest kids in Nigeria that would be discussed in the later path of this article which you wouldn’t like to miss…stay tuned.

Nigeria is not only blessed with mineral resources but with also young and talented kids who have made name for themselves at a very tender age of their life in their various endeavors.

These top 10 rich kids have proven that indeed success is not dependent on age, and background.

These kids have shown that whether you’re a kid, youth, or adult, you can be largely successful in whatever you are doing provided you put in the necessary work and energy.

Moreso, a major lesson to take home from these rich kids in Nigeria is that one shouldn’t let his/ her background be a deterrent towards achieving his\her goal. As seen from their profile and successful stories, the majority of them came from average backgrounds yet they are where they’re today courtesy of hard work and resilience.

Without much Ado, let’s look at the profile of these top 10 richest Kids in Nigeria from bottom

List of Richest Kids In Nigeria

1 Mompha Junior $1,000,000
2 Emmanuella. $200,000
3 Amarachi Uyaenne $95,000
4 DJ Young Money $60,000
5 Ozzy Bosco $55,000
6 Segun Wire $25,000
7 Ahmed Star Boy $24,000
8 Egypt Ify Ufele $24,000
9 Afeez Adesina $23,000
10 Marylove Edwards $16,000



Marylove Edwards

Name:                 Mary love Edwards

Age:                      15 years

Profession:        Tennis

Networth:           Estimated to $16,000 equivalent to 7 million Naira in 2021

Management:    Temple Management Company.

When you talk about young and successful rich kids in Nigeria, you must mention this 15 years Nigerian Tennis superstar.

In an interview with Mary love Edwards, she said that her love for tennis started at the age of 4 years. Without hesitation, she started practicing how to play tennis and with the encouragement, she got from her parents, she was able to achieve this tremendous foot at her age.

A major medal of her career was when she won the 2018 CAT/ITF West and Central African Junior Championship qualifiers after she defeated her counterpart Kumbali of Mali with a scoreline of 6-2, 6-0 in Togo, a country located in the Western part of Africa.

She has gone ahead to make Nigeria proud by bringing a lot of medals home from all the Junior Tennis Championship she participated in.

She was in the fourth position in the Nigeria Tennis Federation for female rundown in 2017.

This young rich kid has an estimated net worth of $16,000 which is equivalent to 7 million Naira as at 2021.

Give Marylove Edwards a few years from now and see her on the map of young and successful richest Kids in Africa and the world at large.

She’s currently under the management of Temple Management Company




Name:                    Afeez Adesina

Age:                        13 years as at 2021

Stage Name:        Destiny Boy

Networth:             $23,000 equivalent to 12 million Naira


The number 9 on the list of top richest Kids in Nigeria 2021 is Afeez Adesina whose stage name is Destiny Boy.

Destiny Boy was born and brought up in Lagos, Agege to be precise.

He rose to fame after he released a cover of Davido’s hit song titled (IF) which earned him some recognition as an upcoming talented youth and saw him climb the ladder of success in the pop- music industry in Nigeria as a kid.

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In an interview session with this 15-year-old youngster, he said that he fell in love with Fuji music was as a result of his immediate environment while growing up.

At just 13 years, this young talented kid was able to put his name in the list of richest kids in Nigeria with an estimated networth of $23,000 which is equivalent to 12 million Naira.


Ify Ufele

Name:                Egypt Ify Ufele

Age:                    14 years

Profession:      Fashion designer

DOB:                  3rd May 2005

Networth:         Estimated to $25,000 equivalent to 12.5 million Naira as at 2021

 Egypt Ify is a young talented kid whose flair for fashion has placed her on the list of successful rich kids in Nigeria at a very young age.

Ify was born on the 3rd of May 2005 to the family of Dr. Reba Perry and Emeka Ufele.

She also has a sister named Sade Perry who is also a fashion professional designer which fueled her love for fashion.

According to the Nigerian – American fashion designer, she started a plus-size clothing line called Chubiiline after she was being bullied in school.

She also went ahead to start up a charity organization called Bully Chasers charity.

Egypt Ify started her career by making clothes for herself before she proceeded to make clothes for mannequins which she uses for fashion shows.

A major inspiration behind her opening a clothing line was when she was diagnosed of Asthma which posed a serious danger to her health which made her frequent hospital.

Later on, her health condition saw tremendous improvement and she returned to school and faced segregation from her classmates as a result of her chubby physique.

Ify has made a name for herself even as a kid as she has been able to put her name in the list of top richest kids in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $25,000 which is equivalent to 12 million Naira courtesy of her hard work and doggedness.


Ahmed Starboy

Name:                Ahmed Star Boy

Age:                    14 years

Profession:      Musician

Networth:         Estimated to be over 15 million naira

Flashback to December 2017 during one of Wizkid’s s concert, this young talented kid was given a platform to showcase his skill to the world and he seized the opportunity to showcase his rapping skills to the marmot crowd which left everybody amazed.

Wizkid didn’t hesitate to sign this kid artist to his record label STAR BOY ENTERTAINMENT and also gifted Ahmed a whooping sum of 10 million Naira which immediately put Ahmed Starboy in the list of richest kids in Nigeria.


Segun Wire

Name:               Segun Wire

Age:                   12 years as at 2021

Networth:        Estimated to about $25,000 equivalent to 12 million Naira as at 2021

Profession:      Online Content Creator

The No.6 on the list of richest kids in Nigeria 2021 is no other person than a young sensational kid called Segun Wire.

Segun Wire is popularly known for the viral videos he posts on social media proclaiming how wealthy he is which obviously not true judging from his background and no known source of income or inheritance.

Segun drew the attention of people to his end with his video which saw him gain so many social media followers and in no time became a media sensation and influencer.

He is just 12 years old and has made it to the list of rich kids in Nigeria with an estimated networth of $25,000 equivalent to 12 million Naira.

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Ozzy Bosco

Name:                     Oziomachukwu Mojekwu

Stage name :        Ozzy Bosco

Age:                          14 years as of 2021 years

Profession:           Musician

Networth :             Estimated to $55,000

DOB:                         7th January 2007

Ozzy Bosco is the 5th on the list of richest Kids in Nigeria.

Born on 7th January 2021, Oziomachukwu Mojekwu popularly known as OzzyBosco is Nigeria Pop Singer.

Ozzy Bosco kicked off his musical career at a very young age courtesy of the encouragement he got from his family which propelled his talent to a new level.

He is largely successful and is widely recognized not only in Nigeria but across Africa and the world at large as he has performed at several concerts at such age.

Below are the Major highlights in Ozzy Bosco Career:

He won the Nigerian Kids Got Talent in 2011.

  • He is also recognized as the most successful Chill artist in Africa
  • Ozzy Bosco has been once been invited to an African Summit.
  • On the international scene, Ozzy has also been featured in Britain’s Got Talent show which he wowed his audience with his spectacular performance.

Ozzy Bosco is not only successful in his musical career, but he has also been outstanding in his academics as he has always come top in the class despite the distraction coming from his musical career.

From Ozzy Bosco’s profile, you could see how successful in his career, and has put himself on the list of richest kids in Nigeria with an estimated networth of $55,000.

Watch out for Ozzy Bosco in a few years to come and see him make it to the list of top 10 richest Kids in Africa and the world at large.


DJ Young Money

Stage Name:      DJ Young Money

Age:                      13 years as at 2021

DOB:                    2008

Parents:              DJ Business (Father)

Networth:           $60,000

When you talk about the richest kids in Nigeria and the richest kid DJs in Nigeria, DJ Young Money must be missing from the list.

This 13-year-old Disk Jockey is a Nigerian celebrity DJ whose father is also a DJ known as DJ Business.

DJ Young Money has attracted a record label deal with K- Nation Entertainment in 2016 with his unique skill and talent at a very young age which placed him in the top list of rich kids in Africa.

He has performed on a lot of concerts some of which includes his performance at the birthday party of the top Nigerian politician Bola Ahmed Tinubu and has also signed a lot of endorsement deals worth millions of Naira which placed her in the top list of richest kids in Nigeria and richest DJ’s in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $65,000 which is equivalent to over 30 million Naira



Name:                     Amarachi Uyaenne

Stage Name:         Amarachi

DOB:                       July 17th, 2004

Age:                         17 years as at 2021

Networth:              Estimated net worth of $95,000

State of Origin:    Imo State

Profession:           Music and Dance

 If you’re a music lover in Nigeria, there’s no way you wouldn’t have heard about this young talented kid artist called Amarachi.

Amarachi Uyaenne popularly known as Amarachi was born on July 17th, 2004 in Imo State, Nigeria.

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She’s popularly known for her dancing skills. She started dancing at the age of 5years but was unnoticed until she won the ultimate 10 million Naira prize award in Nigeria Got Talent Show which automatically brought her to the limelight.

After she won the award, she didn’t hesitate to leverage the opportunity to carve a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.

She immediately released a hit song titled “Amarachi Dance” in which she featured Igbo rapper Phyno which was warmly received by Music lovers in Nigeria and Africa at large.

She is on the top list of richest kids in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $95,000 which is equivalent to over a 40million Naira as of 2021.



Name:                 Emmanuel Samuel

Stage Name :   Emmanuella

DOB :                  July 22, 2010

Profession :     Comedian / YouTuber

Networth:        $200,000

You can’t be in this 21 St Century and haven’t heard of Emmanuela.

The Award-winning kid comedienne took the internet by storm with her comic acting skill.

She is a major character in Mark Angel’s comedy skit which is undoubtedly one of the most successful YouTube channels owned by a Nigerian.

She was very instrumental to the success of Mark Angel YouTube Channel which achieved the feet of the first YouTube Channel to hit 1 million subscribers in Nigeria

She has also signed a lot of endorsement deals with top brands some of which are: Peak Milk, Yoghurt drink brand Fresh Yo, etc.

According to Wikipedia, Emmanuella was born on July 22nd, 2010

Below is the list of Emmanuel Awards, Achievements, and Recognitions:


  • The latest in her achievements was when she was featured in an upcoming Disney movie after her trip to Disneyland.
  • Emmanuella has also appeared in advertisement campaigns for Wikipedia and Nickelodeon



  • In 2015, she won the G influence Niger Delta Special Talent award by the City People Awards
  • In the same 2015, She also won the Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2015.
  • Emmanuel was in November 2016 hosted by CNN Television which saw her hold the title of the youngest African to appear on CNN
  • She has also won the Afro-Australian Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA) which was held in Sydney Australia making her the youngest to receive the award in history
  • Emmanuel  has also won the NEA Award
  • City People Award and the Niger Delta Special Talent Award
  • Emmanuella also won the Top Subscribed Creator award in Sub – Sahara African YouTube Awards.

You could see how largely successful Emmanuella is from her profile which has seen her in the top of richest kids in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of


Mompha Junior

Name:                         Mompha Junior

Father:                        Mohammed Lawal Mostapha popularly known as Mompha

Networth:                   Estimated to be over 1 million dollars

Source of Income:   Inheritance


We finally arrived at the number 1 spot on the list of the richest kids in Nigeria.

The person with the title of the richest kid in Nigeria is no other person than the son of the popular Instagram big boy Mohammed Lawal Mostapha popularly known as Mompha.

Mompha is a billionaire businessman who runs a chain of businesses the most popular amongst his business is his Bureau De Change business known as Mompha Bureau De Change,

By virtue of being born by a billionaire and also the first son of his billionaire Father, Mompha Junior is automatically the heir apparent of his Father’s wealth and business empire.

This young rich kid sits on the number one spot of the list with a staggering net worth of 1 million dollars equivalent to 500 million naira as at 2021

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