Best Relationship Advice For Women

relationship advice for women

Relationship advice for women is one of the most important things every lady should pay utmost attention to before engaging in any relationship because it equips the woman with the psychological and emotional preparedness of what to expect in every relationship and how best to overcome relationship problems and challenges like divorce, arguments, fights, depression misunderstanding, etc. when they arise.

Today, a handful of Married Couples trivialize the importance of love and relationship advice in their marriage as they no longer see any need for it because they are already married as they consider it unimportant and solely for unmarried and courting people.

Some married couples aren’t aware of the fact that Marriage is the best and the most important time to seek love and relationship advice in order to have a long-lasting romantic Marriage life.

Schools aren’t left out in this campaign of relationship advice for women because school being one of the first social environments of every teenage girl should always make out time to council these teenage girls on love and relationship best practices, give them psychological relationship advice, give them assignments to research extensively on different articles written by people, and how a woman should act when relationship problems come.

Furthermore, families especially mothers should play active roles in sensitizing their daughters who are in high school or of age on best relationship advice for women and how best a woman should handle relationship challenges such as depression, abuse, misunderstanding, etc when they arise.

We’ve thoroughly researched and compiled below the best relationship advice for women which would make them experience the best healthy love relationship life.

Here we go!!


For every relationship to stand the test of time, there are some key ingredients every man and woman should pay serious attention to.

If you’re looking for what are the most important thing in a relationship that makes up a good relationship and happy relationship for every man and woman, sit back as we share you these helpful tips:


Respecting your partner in your marriage and relationship is very important if you must enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.

Every man or woman will feel valued and relevant if respected in a relationship.

Respect implies listening to your partner during discussing, paying attention to his psychological and emotional needs, respecting his opinions, values, and wants.


As couples, communication is vital in your Marriage and relationship.

Effective Communication will help you build a strong connection with your partner, know what hurts him or her, what he likes, and so on. Communication will also help you know your boundaries in your relationship, it will also avail you to know more about your partner, his or her future plans, his goals, challenges, and where, when, and how to be of help if need be.

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Every healthy relationship strives on the basis of trust between the partners.

Trust is a very virtue costly and requires time to build on someone. Irrespective of the fact that you might have had relationship problems like cheating, lying, betrayal in your past relationships that might have affected your psychological and emotional health, it’s time to let go and move ahead. Remember no two relationships are the same, so you have to build complete trust in your partner if you must enjoy your present relationship.

On the other hand, when someone gives you their trust, make sure you guard it with extreme carefulness and abstain from everything that will hurt their psychological and emotional feelings like cheating, lying, or any other activities


There’s always a special feeling that comes when you have a supportive partner in your marriage or relationship.

A supportive partner will always encourage you to work towards achieving your goals, support your ambitions, encourage you to build a healthy relationship with people, family, friends and lot’s more.

A supportive partner will always want the best from you, will always want to see you win, come through for you in times of need, and will always support you emotionally, physically, psychologically, and otherwise.


Forgiveness is a very important virtue, and nobody is perfect in this world. You might have a list of qualities you are looking for in your partner, but at the end of the day, to err is human and to forgive is divine. If a sincere heart makes an apology, learn to forgive and move on. Having said that, something like cheating on your partner is unforgivable. But some regrettable mistakes followed by apologies can be considered.


Below are the best relationship advice for women

relationship advice for women

Do Not Try To Change Him

Most ladies make the mistake of trying to change a man after marriage or in a relationship. The fact remains that no man would like to be in a relationship with a Lady that would like to stop him from his hobbies.

For instance, your boyfriend enjoys playing video games before you started dating him. During the course of your relationship with him, you now started trying to stop him from playing video games thinking that he would give you more attention if you succeed. Hell no, instead you would be surprised to see his love for you gradually fade off except it was a case of changing his negative attitudes.

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In fact, why would you even be in a relationship with someone that you don’t like his character with the hope of changing him after marriage?

Be Contributive

Relationship is not only about love, it is also an opportunity for growth and development.

Most Ladies see relationships as an avenue to relax and shift all their responsibilities to their boyfriend but that’s old fashion.

Instead, a wise woman will always contribute financially, emotionally, and otherwise to the growth of her relationship.

Every man will always be proud to have a supportive girlfriend by his side and will definitely be compelled by love to take their relationship to the next level.

Be A Good Listener

Listening to your man when he’s discussing with you shows that you value and respect him. No man would like to be in a relationship with a lady who doesn’t care to listen to him while discussing his challenges in his place of work or Business with her, his plans for the family as a couple, or his ambitions and goals.

Most relationships have ended while most couples have had unending problems and misunderstandings that could simply be avoided if the girlfriend or wife is a good listener.

Detach Yourself Completely From Your Ex

Most women are guilty of always bring up their former relationships and Ex while discussing with their current Man which is totally an act of sheer disrespect.

No man will ever like to be in a relationship with a Lady who hasn’t completely let go of her former relationship because it makes the man feel less of a man in the relationship

This has caused a lot of problems amongst couples today as most women often try to compare their current relationship with their former which makes them force their man to live above their means in a bid to please her.

No Body Is Perfect

In as much as you have your own shortcomings and flaws, so also do your partner.

Every man will always put out his best during relationship and courtship to appear perfect to their Lady.

The lady shouldn’t be surprised if she starts seeing some hidden imperfections of the man after they have started dating. A wise girlfriend will accept and tolerate her Man’s imperfections and should try not to set behavioral standards for the Man as it always lead to relationship problems.

Do Not Nag

No man will like to be welcomed in his house with a nag after having a long day at work.

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Some women are only keen on their personal interest in a relationship and when their demands are not being met by their partner, they tend to engage the man in the physical confrontation of words instead of calming down to dialogue things out as couples or relationship partners.

This act of nagging has caused unending problems in relationships and has also brought a handful of Marriages to an abrupt end.

Be Appreciative

In as much as you would like to be appreciated by your partner, he would also like you to appreciate his little effort.

Appreciating his little efforts would make him feel relevant and know that you actually value him.

Spend Quality Time With Your Partner.

Making out and spending quality time as couples and partners is a very effective way to spice up a relationship.

Making out time for your partner would avail you the time to get the needed attention from your partner which would, in turn, increase the bond in your relationship.

At intervals, go on a date with your partner, play games together, go on cinema dates, or any other recreation activities of interest to both of you.

Teach Him How To Treat You.

Remember, the way you carry yourself would determine how others would treat and address you.

Your happiness should be Paramount in your relationship. So at the initial stage of your relationship, discuss with your partner things that you both like and what huts you, how you would like to be treated, and so on. This would help set boundaries and save you from imminent relationship problems.

Reassure him of your faithfulness in the relationship and also make it clear that lying, cheating, or anything that would hurt your feelings isn’t allowed in your Marriage or relationship.

For instance, if your spouse keeps late nights, kindly tell him that you would appreciate it if he comes home earlier than usual politely.


The best relationship advice for women as discussed above is not only for married women, it’s also applicable to beginners like teenage girls and mature ladies who are planning to go into a relationship.

Although a lot of articles and quotes have been written on relationship advice for women the above was carefully compiled based on experience from experience.

The highlights of our discussion are on relationship advice for women:

  1. Do Not Try To Change Him
  2. Be Contributive
  3. Be A Good Listener
  4. Detach Yourself Completely From Your Ex
  5. No Body Is Perfect
  6. Do Not Nag
  7. Be Appreciative
  8. Spend Quality Time With Your Partner
  9.  Teach Him How To Treat You

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