Best Long Distance Relationship Tips

long distance relationship tips

Research has shown that long distance relationship tips and advice is the major challenge preventing a lot of people from starting long distance relationship with their crush.

Unlike short distance relationships, long distance relationship requires extra effort , time, and dedication in order to make it work and knowing how to make a long distance relationship work, how to spice up your long distance relationship, how to make him or her feel special in a long distance relationship, how to turn long a distance relationship into marriage, knowing when to let go of a long distance relationship, romantic long distance relationship ideas and activities and more would be extensively discussed in this article which you wouldn’t like to miss.

Before we proceed to long distance relationship tips and advice, Let’s have a quick look at;


It’s no doubt that a lot of long distance relationships have led to marriages simply because the partners involved know how to make him or she feels special in the relationship by simply avoiding any of these activities that could jeopardize your relationship.

Avoiding these activities below will help spice up your long distance relationship a great deal.

Don’t Listen To Side Talks

Always bear in mind that whatever you do in life, people will always have an opinion about it.

Your family, friends, or your colleagues might try to talk you out of your relationship giving you reasons but the greatest mistake you would make is to pay attention to their talks.

Remember, everybody has his or her own life to live.


Communication is very important in a long distance relationship and it’s one of the ways used to spice up a long distance relationship.

Communicating with your partner always will make him or her feel special and valued in your relationship and which will in turn spice up your relationship.

Although there’re some days when you would not be in the right State of mind or maybe too busy to have a conversation over a phone call, in such a situation, texting him could be a great way to maintain the conversation with him or her.

Never allow if possible a day to pass without having a conversation with your partner.

Do Not Pretend

Pretending that everything is okay when it’s otherwise would lessen the pain rather it would increase it more.

If there’s something bothering you, communicate with your partner and share your challenges with him or her- remember that having someone to share your problems with is one of the reasons of being in a relationship.

On the other hand, if there’s something going wrong in your relationship, do not hesitate to talk it out with your partner.

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Do Not Allow The Relationship To Control You.

This is one of the top 3 harsh facts in long distance relationships tips a lot of guys and girls in college or beginners shy away from.

That you’re in a long distance relationship probably with someone abroad doesn’t mean that you should always be texting, chatting, or be in a conversation with your partner all day.

Always make out time to take good care of yourself, take yourself out, hang out with friends and family and engage in activities of interest like basketball, swimming, etc.

Always remember to prioritise yourself first.

One Word Text

One word texting is one of the long-distance relationship tips a lot of guys and girls should pay utmost attention to if they must enjoy a healthy and happy relationship that may potentially lead to Marriage.

One word texting such as “K”, “Lol” is one of the biggest turn-offs in a relationship.

It portrays silent treatment which is a cankerworm in a relationship.

Instead of texting with these short words maybe as a result of being busy, tell your partner about it how busy you are and tell him or her that you would chat with him or her when you’re free.


How do you make a long distance relationship work? How do I keep my boyfriend or girlfriend in a long distance relationship and still make him or her love me?

Below are some long distance relationship tips that would make him or her special and which will also spice up your long distance relationship sexually, emotionally, psychologically,etc.

Make Out Time To Hang Out With Your Partner

long distance relationship tips


I know you guys have conversations over phone calls or you text each other frequently, it wouldn’t be compared to the bond, love, connection and quality time you guys will share when you hang out together.

Although there’re a lot of social media platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, etc where you can hang out with your partner,but there is always a big gap between hanging out on social media and going on a date with your partner physically.

This is a great romantic idea that couples, young girls, guys, and ladies who are in long distance relationships should adopt in order to enjoy a happier long distance relationship that could possibly lead to marriage.

During the romantic date idea, play games of interest together, take her to the cinema after which reach out for a cool and nice private environment like a  hotel. Here, engage in conversations about your future plans as couples, share challenges together, cuddle and pamper her, and do ensure to have a memorable sexual experience.

This romantic idea will spike up your long distance relationship a great deal.

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Exchange Belongings.

Exchanging personal belongings with your partner is one of the long distance relationship tips that has been proven effective in relationships.

Personal belongings like taking his T- shirt or sweatshirt, shirt, cap, etc is a great romantic idea to spice up your long distance relationship.

Also, you guys may exchange books and share what you learned From the books with each other.

By doing these, you guys will always feel connected and have things to talk about during conversations over the phone or while texting.

Always Gift Each Other

long distance relationship tips

A gift is a great way to be ever-present in someone’s life even when you’re physically absent.

The gift mustn’t necessarily be expensive, but it’s a romantic idea if you go for gifts that you know that he or she would like her favorite candies, a wristwatch, a handbag, or anything romantic.

It’s always advised to gift your partner non-edible gifts so that anytime he or she sees the gift, you would immediately come to their mind and this will also make him or her feel special in the relationship.

This is a great long distance relationship tip for girls, guys, and married couples who wish to have an evergreen love experience.

Sometimes, it could be very difficult to comprehend a text or express your feelings while texting your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Send Voice Notes

You may also have a tight schedule which will not allow you to have a long conversation over a phone or text message with your partner as usual. In this situation, sending voice notes would help your boyfriend or girlfriend better understand the situation without feeling blown off.

You can also send Voice Notes to your partner reminding him or her how you love them and how special they are to you. This act spices up a long distance relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend may decide to listen to those voice notes whenever he’s lonely.

Share Accomplishments

A relationship is not all about talking about how much you miss each other on your phone conversations or text messages.

Also share your goals, how you planned to achieve them, and eventually how you achieved them when you finally do.

This will likely increase the chances of your relationship leading to marriage because everybody will always like to marry someone who is visionary and determined.

Send Flirty Texts.

Your sexual life as a couple or partner is very important and is a great way to spice up a long distance relationship.

From a flirty message to straight-up sexting, it’s always nice to remind each other you still view them in a romantic light irrespective of the distance.

Flirting text and sexting is a great way to sexually spice up your long distance relationship.

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Let Your Partner Be Aware Of Your Schedules

Sharing your daily schedules with your partner will help them to know the times you would be busy during the day and the best time to reach out to you.

This is especially helpful when you’re in different time zones and makes day-to-day communication that much smoother.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is one of the long-distance relationship tips used in spicing up your relationship.

Setting boundaries like not picking calls from your partner during work hours, going on a date only at two weeks intervals, not allowing disturbance from your boyfriend during your quiet time, etc will allow both of you to have lives outside the relationship.

Remember that your partner has friends and social responsibilities to attend to therefore you shouldn’t be a hindrance to those activities.

Setting clear boundaries helps to build respect and trust in a long distance relationship and also helps to guide your activities so as not to go contrary to the established boundaries.

Boundaries helps you to know the true character of person you’re dating , their likes and dislikes, if both of you can make a good couple, and helps you to know when to let go of the relationship if the conditions are not compatible with each other.

Setting these boundaries should be based on proper communication and mutual understanding from both partners

Do Not Spend More Than 4 Months Apart

How do you intend to make a long distance relationship work when you spend up to 4 months apart?

Not spending more than 4 months apart might be a harsh fact in long distance relationship but the truth still remains that being absent from each other for that extended period of time will likely endanger your relationship except in cases where your partner lives abroad.

Spending time at short intervals together with your partner will allow you to bond together with your partner, improves communication , share challenge and ideas on tackling them which will in turn spice up your relationship.


The long distance relationship tips as shared in this article is essential for couples, guys and girls, and first timers who are just starting their long distance relationship journey and also for people who are already in relationship but are looking for ways to spice up their long distance relationships.

Below is a recap of the long distance relationship tips we shared in this article

  • Make Out Time To Hang Out With Your Partner
  • Exchange Belongings.
  • Always Gift Each Other
  • Send Voice Notes
  • Share Accomplishments
  • Send Flirty Texts.
  • Let Your Partner Be Aware Of Your Schedules
  • Set Boundaries
  • Do Not Spend More Than 4 Months Apart

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