How To Make A Woman Happy

how to make a woman happy in a relationship

A lot of relationships have failed today simply because some guys don’t know how to make a woman happy in a relationship and these ways in which you can make a woman happy with or without money shall be discussed in this article.

Happiness is an essential ingredient to every long-lasting relationship because it is practically impossible for two guys and their girlfriends to be in a relationship without being happy with each other.

Sending your girlfriend a funny romantic message, love quotes over a text message, or while chatting her online on social media, serving her breakfast in bed early in the morning, petting her with sweet words on daily basis, etc are a few of the powerful romantic ways on how to make a woman happy in a relationship always without money that girls cherish but only a few guys pay close attention to the reaction of their girlfriend when they make such kind and loving gesture to her.

I bet you that if you apply the various romantic ways on how to make a woman happy in a relationship that we’ve compiled below, you would be surprised at how happy your relationship would be even without money

9 Proven Ways To Make A Woman Happy In A Relationship

The tips below given below do not only work on the short distant relationship as it also works effectively on a long-distance relationship.

1. Respect Your Woman Always

Respect is one of the key things you should pay attention to if you want your relationship to stand the test of time.

In as much as you like your girlfriend to respect you as a man in your, relationship she also expects you to reciprocate the respect.

Everybody whether old or young, man or woman deserves to be respected, and respecting your girlfriend in your relationship will always make her feel comfortable and confident around you, the value you and make her have that sense of belonging whenever she is around you.

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Respect her opinions, views, believes, privacy, values and respect her for who she is.

2. Listen To Her

Paying attention when you are discussing with your girlfriend speaks more volume than words that you love, respect, and really care about her happiness.

Women like being listened to when you’re in a conversation with them, do not interrupt her while she is speaking. Even if you want to correct her, wait for her to finish making her points before you correct her.

Also, give your girlfriend a listening ear if she wants to apologize after having a misunderstanding with her.

3. Appreciate Her Little Efforts

In as much as you would like your girlfriend to appreciate you when you do something for her, she would also like you to appreciate her little efforts.

If she successfully accomplishes a task, gets promoted to a new level in her place of work, does the house chores, and so on, always appreciate her effort as it will encourage her to do more.

4. Always Compliment Her

If there’s a university that specializes in teaching how to make a woman happy in a relationship, Complimenting your girlfriend would be amongst the first topics in the curriculum.

A woman who loves you would always try to look good for you.

You will always see her dress gorgeously and smell nice for you.

When she does these, do not assume that she knows that she is looking good and it would be very bad if someone else compliments your girlfriend before you do so.

Always remind her of how beautiful she looks, how nice she smells as it makes her know that you notice her efforts and your compliments would spirit her to do more.

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5. Unexpected Surprises

how to make a woman happy in a relationship

Everybody likes unexpected surprises and surprises speak more volume than words.

Many guys understand to estimate the power of surprises in a relationship while some who are aware of it’s important often think that without money, it would be almost impossible to surprise your girlfriend but that’s totally not true.

They’re still a lot of romantic ways to spice up your relationship without money like; Preparing her breakfast in bed

Send her romantic texts, funny love quotes, etc at intervals reminding her of how words make no justice to how much you love and cherish her.

Write her love letter and placing them in places she least expected them like in her handbag, make-up kit, or anywhere you find more romantic and watch her fall deeply in love with you.

Prepare her favorite dish, light up candles for her and treat her like a Queen. Trust me she would forever remain happy for having a man like you in her life.

6. Always Make Out Time For Her

Women love spending quality time with their loved ones and if you really want to make your girlfriend happy in your relationship, you should always make out time out of your schedule to spend quality with her.

You may take her to a cool relaxing place like beachside or any quiet place where there would be no distractions and share old memories with her, tell her beautiful love stories, cuddle and make her feel like a woman, and remind her of how beautiful she is.

You may also her to a cinema center and watch her favorite movie with her.

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There are other romantic ways to make your girlfriend happy in a relationship bearing in mind that it mustn’t necessarily require money to achieve.

7. Hold Her Hand In Public

Any guy who knows how to make a woman happy in a relationship will attest that holding a woman’s  hand while walking in public is one of the keys to a happy relationship

Women feel secured when you hold their hand in public and this act speaks volume than mere words that you love her and that you’re proud that she’s your girlfriend.

8. Always Put Her In Budget

I know you’ve told her countless times that you love her over text messages, using funny romantic quotes, with words of mouth, etc but all these ain’t enough if you don’t prove it to her in your actions.

If you go wardrobe shopping for yourself, also remember to put her in your budget while buying. Get good outfits for her, buy her her favorite candies and other gifts during your personal shopping.

This will prove to her that you always have her in mind and care about her happiness.

9. Be Responsible

This is one of the secrets that makes a woman happy in a relationship but they tend to hide it.

Women are always happy to be around responsible men who are Independent and takes full charge as a man in the relationship.

They like visionary men, men that set goals and benchmark for achieving their goals.

To sum it up, here are some of the various ways to make a woman happy:

  1. Respect Your Woman Always
  2.  Listen To Her
  3. Appreciate Her Little Efforts
  4.  Always Compliment Her
  5. Unexpected Surprises
  6.  Always Make Out Time For Her
  7. Hold Her Hand In Public
  8.  Always Put Her In Budget
  9.  Be Responsible

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