How To Make A Girl Fall For You

how to make a girl fall for you

How to make a girl fall for you whether on Whatsapp, over text message, on Facebook or on Instagram chat, or a girl you met in secondary school or in college is a bane amongst teenage boys and guys who are still trying to master the act of dating a girl.

Not to worry as this article provides you with top-notch tips on how to make a girl fall for you even if the girl has no feelings for you or you just met her newly online or physically in secondary school, college, or in an event.

I know you’ve read a lot of pdfs online and have also watched a handful of tutorials on how to make a girl fall for you after rejection, break up, or even if she has a boyfriend yet all to no avail.

The magic tips we’re going to be sharing with you in this article will not only make her fall for you online, on Whatsapp, or over text on your chats but will also make a girl fall for you at first sight without you even talking to her.

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Ready? Let’s get down

How To Make A Girl Fall For You

Here are 8 Proven ways to make a girl fall for you.

Engage Her In A Good Conversation

A good number of guys develop cold feet at first sight of a girl they want to approach.

Most men already accepted defeat by nursing the feeling of rejection even without approaching a girl let alone starting a conversation with her probably because they lack ideas of good conversation starters.

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If you’re chatting with her over text message or online on Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other social media platform, it’s always wise to start by introducing yourself and telling her how you got her number if you’re chatting with her for the first time.

On the other hand, if you met her in secondary school, college, or in an occasion, you can start by first Complimenting her then ask her questions regarding the latest event that happened in school or in the event.

Her reply would give you a clue of the next line of question to ask her

Give Her Attention

Girls cherish attention and giving a girl your attention is one of the magic ways of making her fall in love with you.

Giving a girl attention entails always checking up on her by calling at least 3 times a day to check how she’s faring, sending her love text messages online whether on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc reminding her of how much you love her.

Also, do ensure to give her utmost attention whenever you’re with her. Avoid side distractions like chatting with people online, making incessant phone calls, looking at other girls, playing games with your phone, etc.

Engaging in any of these activities would ruin your chances of making a girl fall in love with you.

Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

Nobody girl would like to date a boyfriend with low personal hygiene.

Like they always say, “You’re addressed by the way you dress” and hygiene is one of the ways of making a girl fall for you without actually talking to her.

You should always bear in mind that you’re the first beneficiary of maintaining personal hygiene.

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Low personal hygiene is one of the reasons why a lot of guys face rejection and breakups in their relationships.

When you approach a girl or if she visits you at your home for the first time, at first sight, she would first access your level of hygiene starting from how neatly dressed you’re, if you combed your hair, and so on.

If you have very poor hygiene, there’s every tendency that she will have no feelings for you because no girl would like to be seen around a dirty guy.

Always Surprises Her

Surprising a girl is a great way of winning her heart.

You can decide to buy her flowers, drop love letters on her handbags and in places she least expects. You can also decide to send her love text messages on Whatsapp or on any of her online space, or pay her a surprise visit to her workplace with her favorite lunch.

Compliment Her

Always be genuine and sincere with your compliments to her.

Complimenting a girl is a great way of arousing girls feeling for you even if she has a boyfriend she’s currently dating.

Compliment her at every slightest opportunity will make her notice your interest in her.

A compliment is also another secret of making a girl fall in love with you again after rejection and breakup.

Always Make Out Time For Her

how to make a girl fall for you

No girl is comfortable staying around a man who is too serious and busy without making out time to spend time Together with her.

Irrespective of your tight schedule, always squeeze out time to spend quality time with her.

You may decide to watch her favorite movie with her, play romantic games, crack jokes, etc which will, in turn, increase the bond between you people.

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Give Her Listening Ears

Girls tend to fall in love with men who give them listening ears.

Listen and respect her opinions about issues.

Give her listening ears when she’s discussing her challenges with you and endeavor to proffer solutions to them.

Do this and watch how she would be all over you.

Be Romantic.

No girl has immunity to falling in love with a romantic man.

Treating a girl in a romantic way will make her fall in love with you even if she has no feelings for you.

Always use romantic words while chatting with her over a text, on her online social media space like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Pulling out a chair for her to sit down, opening doors for her to pass, and giving her your sweater when it’s cold are a few of the various romantic ways that will make a girl fall for you.

To Sum It Up

Knowing how to make a girl fall for you over a text, while chatting with her on Whatsapp, even if she has a boyfriend she’s dating is pretty much easy if you apply the code so we’ve discussed in this article.

The above method is also effective in making her fall for you again after rejection, breakup, and even if she has no feelings for you.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to make a woman fall for you as discussed above:

  1. Engage Her In A Good Conversation
  2. Give Her Attention
  3. Maintain Good Personal Hygiene
  4. Always Surprises Her
  5. Compliment Her
  6. Always Make Out Time For Her
  7. Give Her Listening Ears
  8. Be Romantic.


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