How To Become A Betking Agent | Ultimate Step by Step Guide

If you have been searching for How to become a Betking agent, congratulations for you have gotten the answer to your question . Stay tuned as we walk you through a step by step guide on how to become a Betking agent.

BETKING, co-founded by Adekunle Adeniji is a leading name in both online and physical sports betting activities in Nigeria and beyond.

The user friendly design of their website for both mobile and desktop views, the numerous sports activities available for booking in the website, fast deposit and withdrawal and ability to place your booking code and have your game played from anywhere you are so far as you have an online account with them.

The above qualities stands them out from other betting companies and have helped them gain dominance across Nigeria and beyond .

This article will provide you with details and step by step guide on:

  • Requirements for opening a BETKING shop
  • How to become a BETKING agent
  • Benefits of becoming a BETKING agent
  • How much it would cost to open a standard BETKING shop.


Without much ado, let’s go


This leading betting company was founded BY Mr. Adekunle Adeniji Michael who is also an executive director at SV Gaming LTD.


The following requirements are essential to open a standard BETKING shop in Nigeria:

A Strategic Location and a Sizeable Shop

This is the first step in opening a BETKING shop. It’s always advised that you look for a Strategic location in a busy area like market place, motor parks or places where there is large concentration of people so as to have a good customer base.

In addition, a wide and well ventilated shop is a bonus.

At least 4 good laptops/desktops

Ensure you have a minimum of 4 functional laptop/desktop device for a start.

It’s ideal to start with 4 laptops because three of the laptops would be used by the cashiers and the remaining One would be serve as a booking system for customers.

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The booking system plays a major role in attracting customers to your shop.


At least two {2} Television Set

Television sets are used to watch virtual matches. It could also be used to watch live football matches or other entertaining programs in your shop as it would serve as a bait for customers to your shop.

Terminal Printers

At least three terminal printers for printing virtual and soccer slips is ideal for a start.

You can also buy an A4 Printer {optional} that will be used to print  match fixtures that will be pasted on a notice board which will enable your customers to know which games to bet on, their fixed Odds, date and time.

Fast Internet Connection

A fast internet connection is the livewire of this business. A good universal 3G or 4G wireless router is always recommended.

Universal routers are use so that should your preferred network develop network issue, you can easily switch over to the next available network without hassle.

A Steady Power Generating Set

A medium sized generating set that can comfortably power all your appliances without breaking down or that will damage your equipments is recommended.

If you shop is located where there is a steady electric supply, that’s a big bonus for you.

Spacing Between Your Shop and the Next BETKING Shop

A 10mins walk from your shop to the next BETKING shop is the ideal distance recommended by BETKING.

After you must put the above listed requirements in place, then proceed to apply to become A BETKING agent.


Betking pays out commissions to her agents on weekly basis.

The pay their agents by the number of games played on their agent account irrespective of the outcome of the game. The commission being paid to their agents ranges from  1% to 30%.

Let’s take for instance, A customer staked a single game selection in a betslip with ₦30,000, the commission of the agent for that particular stake is your  ₦300 .

If 20 games are selected with thesame stake of ₦30,000 in a betslip, that implies an increment in the commission up to 20% being ₦6,000 . Therefore, the agent will receive a ₦6,000 commission.

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Betking also pays monthly bonus to their agents on the last Monday of every month and the prerequisite to qualify for the bonus is having a minimum of ₦150,000 total stake in sales on your agent account.

The amount you receive as a commission is largely dependent on the crop of customers you have.

If you have heavy stakers with fewer selection on their betslip, the higher your commission and vice versa.

Let’s have a quick look at how Betking distribute their monthly bonuses to their agents

Monthly Bonus = (Total sales— Total payout X 0.25 )- Total Weekly  Commission Received  Received For The Month

This means that you would be paid a bonus if 25% of the profit you made for the company  for that particular month is greater than the total commission you have received on sport that same month.

This monthly bonus is paid by Betking to compensate agents who made profit for company but received  low commission as a result of the numbers of games selected per ticket.


Betking agent registrstion

Proceed to and follow the procedures to apply to become an agent. Ensure you carefully read their Terms and Conditions and abide by it.

After your request to become an agent has been approved, a Super Agent would be assigned to you within your locality. This Super agent would serve as your direct boss and guider  thereby saving you the stress of contacting the company directly.

In case you encounter any challenges, you first report to your Super Agent for solutions and if the solution to your problem is beyond his reach, he would then contact the company directly on your behalf.



Becoming a Betking agent comes with a lot of benefits which includes

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Prompt weekly payments on turnover including bonuses

The ever ready customer care service: You can contact them easily through email, live chat or even through mobile phone calls

Prompt deposit and withdrawal: This is one of the major qualities that stands them out from other betting companies. Any deposit made on their website would reflect

on your dashboard if you login to your agent account (If you are an agent) or your personal account

Same also applies to withdrawals. Any withdrawal from their website would reflect within a minimum of 24hours directly to your bank account.

Low startup capital: Unlike other companies that is capital intensive, BETKING is one of the companies that has lowest startup capital requirement (N25,000 Naira).

Free equipments: …..Yes you heard me right. BETKING free equipments like banner, decoder and dish installation service all for free.

Other benefits are:

Up to 170% multiplier bonus for online games

Competitive odds on sports and virtual gaming

Prompt payment within 24 hour

Highest selection in a ticket (up to 40 games Maximum)

Weekly and monthly bonus on turnover



 This is the big question. How much it will cost to open a BETKING shop is not fixed, it’s relatively to your environment.

Mr. A might get a shop of N200,000 annual rent in Lagos while Mr. B in Enugu would get the same size of shop for N100,000 annually.

Also, the prices of generator, laptops, TV set, in Lagos would likely not be the same in Enugu.

You now see why it’s very hard to estimate the cost of opening a BETKING shop in Nigeria.

Though on the average, N300,000 – N 500,000 should be able to set up a good BETKING shop for



You can now see that how to open a BETKING shop in Nigeria is relatively easy, pocket friendly and highly profitable if you follow the guidelines above.



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