Does Marriage Counseling Work?

does marriage counseling work

Does marriage counseling work? Well, if you really wish to know if marriage counseling actually works before divorce, after infidelity, after separation, and so on, sit back and enjoy as we provide you with everything you need to know about marriage counseling and how to go about it.

Statistics have shown that a lot of marriage counselors have saved a lot of marriages from divorce, after separation resulting from infidelity, narcissism, and so on through activities like couple therapy and counseling which has proven effective over time.

Now, does Marriage counseling work? What is the success rate of couples counseling? Can Marriage counseling make things worse? Let’s check it out.



Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, is a program or activity designed to help married couples and courting partners understand and know how to resolve marriage conflicts such as misunderstanding, infidelity, divorce, or separation and how to improve their relationship.

There’re are two players involved in marriage counseling- the couple or relationship partners and the marriage counselor or therapist.

Here, the Marriage counselor provides general professional relationship advice also known as couples therapy to the couples.

Studies have shown that human beings act according to the information they consume. Hence, extra care has to be taken In selecting your marriage counselor because an incompetent marriage counselor can make things worse for your marriage by suggesting solutions that may lead to divorce or separation in your marriage.


Actually, there’s no specific time frame required for how long marriage counseling should take. However, how long a marriage counseling should take is largely dependent on the type of issue at hand and how fast the couple is in responding to the counseling process.

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Also, how long a marriage counseling take depends on the therapist involved – how long it takes him or her to decipher the problems and the best possible solutions to them.

On average, marriage counseling should take a minimum of 10 sessions if only the couple is active and alive to their responsibilities by carrying out the tasks suggested by the therapist.

Furthermore, a Marriage counseling session should take a minimum of 50 minutes on average.



Does marriage counseling work

Is couples therapy only for Married people? No!!!

Couples therapy is for both Married people and those in relationships who are getting ready to get married.

The benefits of couples therapy are:

  • Getting to know your partner’s character the more; if he’s hot-tempered, his likes and dislikes, his or her principles, and so on.
  • Effective communication
  • Proper understanding
  • How to avert separation and divorce in your Marriage
  • How to handle relationship challenges likely infidelity arguments, misunderstanding,
  • Building trust in your partner,



How much Marriage counseling cost is largely dependent on your geographical location and the therapist’s level of experience and expertise.

But on average, marriage counseling costs between $70 -$200



A lot of people are inquisitive to know if Marriage counseling actually works even with a narcissist, how effective this Marriage counseling is after infidelity, before divorce or separation, and so on.

Marriage counseling or couples therapy works but it’s more effective when the partners involved are committed to the process and are alive to their responsibilities.

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Marriage counseling or couples therapy helps to build more bonds and intimacy with their partners.



Online Marriage counseling or couples therapy works the way physical therapy works. The only distinguishing factor is that it’s done virtually.

Embarking on online couples therapy should be based on mutual agreement between the partners because some people feel way more relaxed and comfortable discussing their challenges online with the therapist than physically in the therapist’s office.

While online Marriage counseling is okay for some couples, some aren’t comfortable with it for reasons ranging from- how secured the information they divulged to the therapist during the online session would be, the security of the system used for the online Counseling, etc.


To Sum It Up

Does Marriage counseling work?


From statistics, the success rate of couples counseling over time is evidence that marriage counseling actually works.

Marriage counseling is very effective only if the partners are willing to follow the process with due diligence.

It’s pertinent to know that Marriage counseling is not only for married couples neither is it only necessary when marital challenges like divorce, separation, infidelity come up. Hence, individuals who are in a relationship can go for couples therapy in order to understand their partners better and to position themselves on how to tackle marital issues when they arise.

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