Best Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money Fast

Sugar daddy Apps that send money

Sugar Daddy apps that send money over the recent time have become one of the most sought-after information online due to the exponential increase in the cases of sugar daddies in this current dispensation.

The rapid increase in the demand for sugar Daddies that send money online has led to the development of several sugar daddy apps that send money where ladies who are looking for sugar daddies and men who are looking for sugar babies can go and advertise themselves and get hooked up.

Sugar Daddy relationship is a friend with benefits type of relationship and due to the fact that these sugar daddies are wealthy and extravagant in nature, most of these sugar Daddies are willing to send you money online even without meeting you in person.

Due to the loads of benefits that come with dating sugar daddies which includes sending money steadily to their sugar babies, regular shopping, all-expense-paid trips, luxurious lifestyle, only to mention but a few led to the sudden rise in the search of how to get a millionaire sugar Daddy to send you money online, how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram, how to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk, sugar daddies near me, and lot’s more amongst sugar babies who are looking for sugar daddies that would fall into their love net.

Before we proceed to discuss sugar daddy apps that send money, let’s have a quick look at;

Who Is A Sugar Daddy?

A sugar daddy is a millionaire| billionaire-aged man who is interested in younger ladies for the purpose of love no strings attached relationship, and companionship as the case may be.

Sugar daddies pay the bills, send monthly or weekly allowances, sponsor all-expense-paid trips and other luxurious lifestyles of their sugar babies mostly younger ladies in exchange for intimacy and affection.

Sugar daddies are not only found online. If you look around, you would see rich sugar daddies near you that you can hook up with too.

How Much Do Sugar Daddies Pay?

Sugar daddy Apps that send money

There’s no fixed price of how much sugar Daddies pay their sugar babies.

The amount of money sugar Daddies pay or send to their sugar babies is largely dependent on how wealthy the sugar Daddy is and how willing he is to throw money around.

Also, how much sugar Daddies pay is dependent on the bargain between the two of you.

You can bargain for your sugar Daddy to pay you per date, weekly or monthly as the case may be.

On average, sugar babies receive within the range of $1,500 monthly allowance while some receive $200-$300 per date and $400 and above per week and $34,000 per year.

As said earlier, these figures vary depending on your bargaining power and how wealthy and lavish your sugar Daddy is.

How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money Online  Without Meeting

Here are the tips on how to get a sugar Daddy that only wants to talk or how to find a sugar daddy on Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Reddit, or other sugar daddy apps that would send you money without meeting him:

  1. Open an account on Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, or any of the sugar daddy apps.
  2. Use a very beautiful and attractive picture on your profile picture.
  3. Have a detailed dating profile of yourself on your account description
  4. Be very active on the platform.
  5. Post seductive pictures and videos of yours like tweaking videos regularly
  6. Advertise yourself regularly and also respond swiftly when you see a potential client.
  7. Be real, know what you want, and go for it.

 Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money

If you’re a sugar baby looking for online sugar daddy jobs or legit sugar daddy apps where you would find millionaire | billionaire sugar Daddies that only want to talk with you and send money for free without a meeting, you’re on the right page.

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Below are the best legit sugar daddy apps that send money to you for free even without meeting

1. Seeking

Seeking has remained at the top of the list of the best sugar daddy apps that send money to their sugar babies due to the top-notch dating services of the  SeekingArrangement app.

Seek sugar daddy app boasts of a teeming 10 million users cutting across over 140 countries of the world which made them the most popular ahead of other sugar daddy dating apps.

The SeekingArrangement has an 8: 2 distribution ratio of sugar babies and sugar daddies respectively which gives an equal opportunity for every sugar daddy on the app to make a selection from the teeming population of the sugar babies and vice versa.

One of the qualities that stands the SeekingArrangement app out amongst other apps is the track record of minimal scams because they have an area where experienced sugar daddies offer advice to new sugar members on how to prevent scams.

Another good news for the sugar ladies is that the Seeking app is free for every sugar baby to use but it attracts a fair subscription fee before any sugar daddy can use it.

To get a sugar daddy to give you money online on this app as a sugar baby, you should first create an account on the Seeking App and complete your registration process.

After then, you can now start looking for the best sugar daddy that is fit for you.

Benefits Of Using The Seeking Sugar Daddy App

  • About 10 million members from 139 countries can join using this app.
  • The App is entirely free for every sugar baby

2. WhatsYour Price

WhatsYourPrice is the second on the list of the most legit sugar daddy apps that send money with over 3million users across the world.

The enabled bidding function of the WhatsYourPrice app stands them out amongst other sugar daddy apps that send money.

This bidding feature on this sugar daddy app helps to break the ice and let the money do the talk. Although this is conscoupiously competitive but at the same time competitive.

However, the bidding starts low but has the tendency to explode exponentially if care is not taken.

Furthermore, the sugar baby proposes a date with the aim to raise the bid

Benefits Of WhatsYourPrice App

  • Auction-style dating
  • Bids start as low as $5 and no minimum wealth requirement
  • Virtual gifting option available

3. MissTravel

If you’re a sugar baby who likes traveling and touring exotic places at the expense of your sugar daddy, the MissTravel app is for you.

The sugar daddy and the sugar baby meet in beautiful and tourist countries like Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, where they go for sightseeing, exotic shopping, and other luxurious lifestyle all at the expense of the sugar daddy.

This app has gained so much popularity especially amongst sugar babies who are looking for online sugar daddy jobs and sugar daddies that pay handsomely.

Sugar babies are attracted to this MissTravel sugar daddy app because it’s totally free to sign up and avails you the opportunity to meet rich sugar daddies and travel at zero cost at the same time.

This app has a “create a trip” feature that allows a sugar daddy to provide a preview of the date’s location and activities on that date to impress their potential sugar baby.

Benefits Of MissTravel App

  • It’s free for sugar babies to sign up
  • Women can propose dates in advance and find someone to fulfill that dream
  • Takes dating to a new, worldwide level
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 4. Sugar Daddy Meet 

SugarDaddyMeet dating app is one of the best sugar daddy apps that send money.

SugarDaddyMeet dating app has been in the game of hooking up sugar daddies with sugar babies since 2007 and currently brags over 5million users across the world.

This app seems to be the safest amongst the other apps because it weeds out the risk of meeting fake and fraudulent sugar daddies by verifying the wealth of these potential sugar daddies who come from the 20 richest countries in the world.

This sugar daddy app has many search features that enable verification and also allow women to scout for sugar daddies that suit them.

The ratio of the sugar daddies to sugar babies on this sugar daddy app favors the men which give the sugar babies a large room to make a suitable selection for themselves.

Benefits Of SugarDaddyMeet App

  • It’s open for millions of people to join.
  • It has advanced search options
  • It’s less risky due to the verification processes


5. MillionaireMatch

MillionaireMatch is a sugar daddy app that prides itself on the certainty of finding a millionaire sugar daddy on its app.

Although not every man found on the MillionaireMatch App is a millionaire sugar daddy but the chances of hooking up with one are very high.

In order to help you find a millionaire sugar daddy, the app has a badge to differentiate millionaire sugar daddies and those who are yet to attain the millionaire title.

The most exciting thing about the MillionaireMatch app is that they have over 4.7 million users of which a greater percentage of the sugar daddies there are millionaires and the users are all USA citizens. This, therefore, increases your chances of connecting and meeting with a wealthy sugar daddy.

Another good news is that this sugar daddy app is totally free to sign up after which you create a catchy profile of yourself with a very attractive and seductive profile picture and a detailed description of your aim of registering in the app. Thereafter, you can start reaching out to sugar daddies that meet your taste.

Furthermore, the app has free and paid versions. In the free version, you can only send 50 winks a day and other limitations while in the premium version, you enjoy unlimited access to messages, winks, and other features of the app.

Benefits Of MillionaireMatch App

  • Free to sign up
  • Has teeming users all from the United States

6. RichMeetBeautiful

This is the best app for long-distance relationships.

The RichMeetBeautiful  app since its inception has proven that there’s still hope of getting a sugar daddy that only wants to talk to you for a long-distance relationship.

Also, the chances are high of meeting a sugar daddy online that would send you money on this app without meeting.

The RichMeetBeautiful site also promotes marriage and matchmaking to make their users find the right partner.

This site strives to bring back romance and intimacy to the dating world as opposed to their competitors who are only interested in connecting sugar daddies with sugar babies.

The site seems to be the most secured amongst other sugar daddy apps because of the integration of

256-bit encryption combined and Norton security protocols which enhance users security

Benefits Of  RichMeetBeautiful App

  • It’s very secure to use
  • There’re chances of finding a long-distance relationship.



SugarDaddie seems to be the oldest and the most popular in the game of hooking sugar Daddies up with sugar babies online having been in the dating scene since 2002 till date.

Being the most popular and the oldest sugar daddy app with a good track record, they have received mentions from international media like CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, and even the BBC.

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They have matched verified millionaire sugar daddies with beautiful sugar babies for almost 20 years now.

They have a physical office which is located in the UK and the US with active customer service agents on-call and ready to help.

Benefits Of SugarDaddie

  • Active customer care line
  • Opportunity to meet verified millionaire sugar daddies
  • 20 years success track record


8. Elite Singles

EliteSingles is the best App for successful singles who are looking forward to meeting their fellow successful singles online for hookup.

The sugar daddies and sugar babies on this app are all well educated and largely successful in their areas of endeavor and this is what stands them out amongst their competitors.

It’s estimated that about 80 percent of the members of the EliteSingles have college degrees.

Elite Singles is a great app for wealthy men and women to meet online with someone in their class, as well as someone who understands the subtlety of business dating.

Benefits Elite Singles

  • 56 percent of the members are women
  • Educated and Successful business people hook up


9. Sudy

Sudy is the best Sugar Daddy App where you would hook up with wealthy sugar daddies.

To be a member of Sudy,  it’s advised to have over $300,000 in assets and cash.

The Sudy app brags of a teeming 4million users across the world.

Although you don’t need to be a millionaire sugar daddy, it also requires you to have a reasonable wealth in cash and asset to be able to attract beautiful sugar babies of your choice.

The ratio of sugar babies and sugar daddies on the Sudy apps seems to favor the sugar babies.

Women are allowed to join the Sudy app for free and Sudy does not remove suspicious profiles when they find them.

The Sudy site has an advanced search option that you can use to scout for the right sugar daddies for you.

Benefits Of Sudy App

  • Verified minimum income level
  • Four women to every man
  • Profiles moderated to weed out spam and scammers


 10. Ashey Madison

Ashey Madison is the most secretive sugar daddy dating app so far.

The app is solely designed for those who want to keep their identity secret while using a sugar daddy dating app.

The brain behind the Ashey Madison app is for married people who want to cheat on their husband or wife with their sugar daddy or baby secretly.

Benefits Of Ashey Madison App

  • Sugar daddies and sugar babies have control over what they want to share on their profiles, so you can keep certain things to yourself if you prefer.
  • A sugar daddy can make payments using credit cards, Prepaid VISA/Mastercard, or PayPal and even using gift cards.

Final Thoughts

If you read up to this point, you must have seen the best sugar daddy apps that send money online without meeting and a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to get a sugar daddy to give you money online.

What else are you waiting for since we’ve provided you with the necessary information on how to get a sugar daddy to give you money online without meeting and lots more?

Why not head straight up to any of the listed sugar daddy apps and get started if you’re interested to be a sugar baby.

Before we go, here is a list of the best sugar daddy apps that send money online as listed above:

  1. Seeking
  2. WhatsYourPrice
  3. MissTravel
  4. Sugar Daddy Meet
  5. MillionaireMatch
  6. RichMeetBeautiful
  7. SugarDaddie
  8. Elite Singles
  9. Sudy
  10. Ashey Madison

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